Top interview questions for evaluating soft skills

“Why would you like to join our company?”

Let’s face it, you and your team have asked this question to each candidate during an interview. While it’s a valid question, the problem is it often gets the same answer. Like this: “I would like to join an ambitious company and participate in its exciting development with its passionate people…”.

It’s not a bad answer, but it doesn’t reveal much about the individual applicant.

To shake up your interviews and get the most authentic answers from your candidates, we’ve complied:

  • What you can predict from candidates’ soft skills
  • The top questions to identify soft skills
  • How to incorporate on-demand video interviewing to do this quickly and at scale

Why is this so important?

89% of new hires fail because of poorly aligned motivations or personality

To avoid the disconnect, interviewers can leverage interview questions that evaluate soft skills. Soft skills reveal people, social, and communication skills, along with character or personality traits, attitudes, and mindsets.

Soft skills are becoming increasingly important in recruiting. They help employers anticipate how well the employee will fit in a team and the company, perform at the company, and what kinds of personal and professional development within the organization will be of interest.

Skills diagram

(This image depicts areas of soft and hard skills. Learn more about soft skills and how they break down into business-related, team-related, and job-related skills in “Top 100 interview questions to identify soft skills”).

Let’s dig into those top questions broken down by the top 20 soft skills.


  1. Tell me about a time or situation where you had to be reactive and flexible.


  1. What does professional success look like to you?


  1. Are you motivated by winning (or the fear of losing)? Tell me why.


  1. Who are the people you most enjoy working with?


  1. Which kitchen utensil would you be?


  1. How do you prefer to learn?

Cognitive flexibility:

  1. What do you do to show the people you are talking to that you are listening but disagree?


  1. Can you describe the best manager you had in your career?

Stress management:

  1. How do you reduce your stress level in a critical situation?

Time management:

  1. How do you prioritize your work?

Emotional intelligence:

  1. How do you defuse a tense situation?


  1. When you have an objective, but you do not have the tools or means to reach it, how do you proceed?


  1. Which superhero are you?


  1. You need to convince your manager that it is impossible to meet your targets. How can you prove it?

Critical thinking:

  1. Why are you changing jobs? What could your current company change to keep you?


  1. How do you react to negative feedback?


  1. How would you sell our product differently?


  1. Give me an example of a new idea you presented to your manager.


  1. You have over 700 unread emails in your inbox. You have an hour to deal with them. What do you do?

Customer service:

  1. Give me three adjectives to qualify the importance of customer service.

Pull it all together with tech

Now that you have some of the top interview questions, how does technology serve soft skills?

60% of candidates drop out of a selection process that is too long or complicated

Therefore, planning the selection process is essential to provide the best experience for candidates, and at the same time, evaluate them accurately. Using technology to optimize a selection process while learning more about a candidate never fails.

Pre-recorded and live video interview software are excellent tools to detect the skills that the candidate needs for the position and assess non-verbal language.

Benefits of video interviewing:

Benefits of video interviewing

Want to learn even more about soft skills and how to evaluate them in the interview process? Check out our upcoming webinar Identifying Soft Skills Through On-Demand Video Interviewing.


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